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Find the Right Editor for Your Book

Find the Right Editor for Your Book

Are you ever curious about editing? Oh sure, we all know what editing is, at least as it pertains to our writing. But my experience of editing is probably much different than yours. Authors published by the Big 5 wonder if they can find the type of editor... read more

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m normally behind the microphone asking the questions on my weekly Author Biz podcasts, but occasionally the tables are turned, and I’m the one answering the questions.


What kind of books do you write?

I write fun, character-driven crime fiction  set in interesting locations around the United States.  I’m currently working on two different series that take place in Florida. The Jack and Jessica Stillwell series is set in a fictional town very much like my hometown of Naples, called Elan. The second series features Reno Hart, a Miami Beach Private Investigator.  A third series is currently under development where the action takes place in Las Vegas.

Why does it take you so long to finish your books?

Actually – this is a question I ask myself constantly.  You see, I decided to write later in life, so much of the work I’m doing now is developmental, while I learn the craft of writing.  I’m addicted to learning, and most of what I learn will  show up in my work, but it’s a painfully slow process.

How do I book an appearance on The Author Biz podcast?

As the name might suggest, The Author Biz Podcast is focused on the business of being an author. Things like marketing, promotion, platform building, traditional publishing, self-publishing, audiobooks, dealing with reviewers and more. If you’ve got a special insight into any of the business aspects of writing you can email the show – authorbiz at gmail dot com. I’d love to hear from you.

Are you working on any interesting new business stuff right now?

That’s a question I get, not from writers, but from business people. The answer is yes, I’ve currently got two businesses under development and they’re based on the work I’m doing as an author, and as a podcaster.

Cool Reviews

Jack and Jessica Stillwell are a Nick and Nora Charles for the 21st Century. And, in fact, Stephen Campbell’s “Gone Tomorrow” reads like it’s the launching pad for a series featuring these two engaging characters.

But instead of living the elegant NYC lifestyle of Nick and Nora, Jack and Jessica are closer to John D. MacDonald’s famous detective Travis McGee. They live at the (mostly) warm Florida shore and their lifestyle is the lifestyle of boaters and beach people.

“Gone Tomorrow” is a good story and a fun read that shows potential for the author.

Review of Gone Tomorrow by LA Noir

If you are interested in the world of writing and publishing, this is the best podcast out there. Every time I listen I learn a slew of things I had no idea about.  Mr. Campbell’s guests are experts in their field and each provides invaluable information for writers trying to make their way.

I recently paid $100 to attend a webinar on publishing tactics. A couple days later I listened to ‘The Author Biz’ podcast for free. I learned more from the podcast than I did from the webinar.

Take my advice and give it a shot.

Podcast Review by Chris Dietzel

Gone Tomorrow By Stephen Campbell, What A Fun Smart Read! Meet Jack and Jessica Stillwell, Living the life of the Beach Lovers in Naples Florida, Our Fun loving couple come back from a run on the beach to discover the body of their 250 pound naked neighbor Carmine on their property. Are they suspects? can they figure whodunnit? Read this Novella and find out! Its very cleverly written and you will LOVE the Characters and the humor in this book, The dialog is just so well done!.. ! I cannot wait for more of this series … EXCELLENT Mr. Campbell!!

I give this Novella 5 runs on the beach!

Review of Gone Tomorrow by Pixie

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